Anime Expo 2014 Cosplay + Thoughts

If you are reading this, it means that the crew has survived the blazing heat of Linecon 2014! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this possibly the funnest AX ever:

Photography: t, Alex & Valkyria.

Image Editing: GreenVirus

Publishing: TsundereWorks

All of the wonderful cosplayers we’ve had the pleasure of meeting this year, and you!

  • Please remember that if you’d like the original of your image or have it removed from the gallery, contact us using the form above.
  • All gallery images have been modified. Although no airbrushing was done, most were color-corrected or had a noise reduction filter applied to them.

This post is currently unfinished. I will continue working on it periodically over time as I get proper sleep!


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Anime Expo 2012 Cosplay + Thoughts

Last year I tried doing a series of posts that would cover each day of Anime Expo, but that failed quickly! The thing is, it’s not really an organized thing to go to an anime con. Sometimes I hung out with friends, sometimes I went out to get lunch, sometimes I bought things, sometimes I went to the dance, and the rest of the time, I actually went to the panels and screenings. Anime Expo is close to me, so we may not necessarily treat it as special as other individuals do. For us, it’s a casual thing that we do every year. However, there is one thing we did all the time, and that was taking pictures of beautiful cosplay.

So without further ado, here are the details of the event! This is meant to be a single, informal ramble about the things we did while showing the very best images we took at the con. I may sometimes go off-topic.

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Alstromeria Records’ Abandoned Dancehall

Following in a similar to that of Haunted and Killed Dancehall, this is the third album in Alstroemeria Records’ repertoire of this series of danceable music. Unlike the other two albums, Camellia takes the cake for the best song in this one for catchy beats, creative lyrics, and of course, for use of Mei Ayakura’s lovely voice.


Video subbed by our guest, Succubus. Translation by Kafkafuura.

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland

It’s a game for girls, by the way.

You can run around, call your dad the king a poopyhead, kick the shit out of monsters, make drugs and weapons, deliver pies, recruit supermodels in your party, unlock hidden content, bring back characters from the previous games, send¬†homunculi to hunt for you, and even construct a hot spring. This is Atelier Meruru, the third and final installment in the Atelier series, and it’s a JRPG for the PS3 that focuses mainly on item creation. I got this on a whim when it was released up here because of the irresistibly cute artwork.

I didn’t know about the Atelier series until I got this game, but now I’m compelled to get the other two in the series. Of course, you don’t have to play Atelier Rorona or Atelier Totori to enjoy this game, but you’ll enjoy this one more if you do. Contrary to most JRPGs, your time will mostly be spent on collecting ingredients and developing the small kingdom of Arls instead of fighting and grinding your characters. It’s surprisingly good for a game I just happened to get, but then again, I’m a huge sucker for these things.

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